Wednesday, February 15, 2012 fail!!

I wont even begin to post what I ate yesterday..its bad..real bad.
Dh brought home pizza for dinner and chocolate for me..I ate WAY to much.

And this morning hasnt started out any better..its like I woke up forgetting
that I am trying to lose weight I had left over pizza for bf..

OH WELL..I plan to make the rest of the day better. Its a beautiful sunshinning day


  1. Well I ate lots of chocolate last night and I don't feel bad at all :).I planned on it.The first 3/4 of my day were excellent! We are not in the shape we are in because of Valentines Day treats or birthdays etc kwim? It (atleast from me) is from the every day bad choices.....KEEP going!!! Just jump right back in!

  2. Dearest Are you HERE? (You must be getting tired of me constantly saying "yooo hoooooo" lol)

  3. I'm just checking in after an unplanned internet break. Wondering how you are doing. Been 2 weeks since you updated. Hope that doesn't mean you fell off the wagon... and if you did... well, get back on. :) Hope to hear more from you soon! :)