Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its do or die....really.

I started this blog months ago with a half hearted decision to lose weight...

I am back again..totally surrendered to this. I know the Lord is showing me I have to do this..there
is no choice. I feel the extra weight effecting me..I know what health problems can develop..I know it can kill me.

This is not put your heart out here for the whole tell everyone how bad you've messed up..but what ever it takes, I will do it..I need your help..your encouragement and your today I start my journey...

When my husband and I met I was a very fit 130 pounds..I loved him picking me up..I loved working out with him..I loved the way he looked at me..

Fast forward 10 years, we have 7 children...busy life with homeschooling..housework and family is much different now. I never thought much about my weight, I was able to lose weight after each baby with a little exercise...but baby number 6 changed it body changed. Losing weight is hard now..almost feels impossible sometimes.

BUT the past is the past..I want to be healthy for my family..I want to be a good example to my daughters and other mothers...I want to honor the Lord with my body and treat His temple the way I should. 

Today is the start, today everything is the first day to a new person.

My plan is to blog daily or at least every other day about my exercise  and eating...

There IS grace for me in this area!!

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  1. I am SO hapy to read this Stacy and looking so forward to having another dedicated weight loss buddy to encourage AND to get encouraged BY!! Let's go Stacy!