Friday, July 13, 2012

Well, day 2 and I am off to a good start..a mile on the elliptical, crunches, leg lifts. I plan on doing more tonight with Larry.

Yesterday, I did OK on drinking lots of water...even OK on protein but I think maybe I might of had a few to many carbs.

My plan today is a big breakfast...normal lunch..tiny dinner.

I was amazed today how much stronger I felt on the elliptical after only ONE, maybe its all in my head but I felt so good and I got my miles done in 5min less time than yesterday!! I know its the Lord helping me, thank you all so much for your prayers!!!!

Now, this elliptical is not your normal elliptical...its an off brand of the Bow Flex Tread is tough!! Its like taking a step then gliding, so much different than a regular elliptical.

I cant wait to get outside walking though...we live in a very hilly area and I can really get a good workout walking outside.

After this week I am going to add in weights...weights are my favorite thing to do. I could do weights all day long..I'm not a big fan of cardio.

BUT...that's it for now. I wanted to update before my little ones got to get my 2 quarts of water ready and in the fridge and have some breakfast...oats with real butter and Sucanat.

Have a blessed day y'all....

Oh..and here is the song I worshipped to while sweating away this morning!

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  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply Stacy but I hope you are still going strong!!!!!!!!! You got a great start! You haven't posted for 3 days though and I am hoping that is just because of the weekend etc. and you not quitting!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) Off to update my blog....I have not posted in a few days either!